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Future Plan
At JMJ it is our constant endeavor to become the largest self reliant company. Recognizing the ever increasing demand of customers, the company soon plans to launch a range of product extensions in the beverage segment. The Group has aggressive plans for the development and construction of several hotels and resorts in Delhi, Jaipur, Thane, Goa, Dehradun, Raipur, Udaipur. These will be fully functional by the year 2013 and are projected to generate a gross income of Rs 3,000 crores. The Group expects to reach a turnover of Rs 1,500 crores in the next 5 years from its core business in perfumery, essential oils, mouth freshener preparation and the export of its FMCG products. The Group expects the turnover from its packaged drinking water, paper products and agricultural product industries to exceed Rs 1,000 crores in the next 5 years. The Group envisages a consolidated turnover of over Rs 5,000 crores in the next 5 years.

Big thinking precedes great achievement...
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